AMS-A and AMS-D System Assembly Instructions

Normally, all system components, Nozzles, Fittings, and Accessories can be shipped within the 55 gallon drum. Once you receive your shipment carefully unpack its contents and compare it to the packing list. Please report any discrepancies within 5 days of receipt.

The System is packaged into two boxes for its protection during shipment: the Above-Drum Assembly and the In-Drum Assembly.


The Above-Drum Assembly consists of the Control Box, Motor, Pump and associated fittings and Optional Agitator. These are bolted to an Aluminum mounting plate and are pre-wired. It is mounted on the lid of the drum.




The In-Drum Assembly consists of the float switch, 3/8" intake tube, intake filter, and optional 1/4" agitation tubing, mounted in 3/4" white PVC tubing. It is mounted inside the drum.


Here's how to assembly it in 3 easy steps

1.) Place the Above-Drum Assembly on the Drum lid so the pump intake fitting is directly over the 3/4" threaded hole. Align the 4 holes in the mounting plate with the 4 holes drilled in the lid. With the bolts, washers and nuts provided attach the mounting plate to the lid, and tighten.




2.) Carefully turn over the lid and place the In-Drum Assembly wires and tubing through the 3/4" threaded hole, then thread the pvc fitting into the hole. Attach the filter to the 3/8" tubing .








3.) Now turn the lid upright and place it on the drum so the in drum assembly is inside the drum. Connect the float switch connector to the mating connector from the control box. Connect the 3/8" intake tubing to the intake on the pump inserting it until clicks. Connect the 12" long piece of 1/4" tubing to the needle valve (far right) and insert the opposite end into the hole in the drum. If ordered with an agitator, connect the 1/4" elbowed tubing from the pvc to the agitator's output.

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