AMS-S1 System Assembly Instructions

AMS-S1 System Assembly Instructions

Once your shipment arrives unpack its contents and compare it to the packing list (Note: additional parts are often shipped in additional boxes). Please report any discrepancies
within 5 days of receipt. The System is packaged into two boxes for its protection during shipment: the Above-Drum Assembly
and the In-Drum Assembly. The Above-Drum Assembly consists of the Control Box, Motor, Pump and associated fittings. These
are bolted to an Aluminum mounting plate and are pre-wired. It will be mounted on the lid of the drum. The In-Drum Assembly
consists of the 3/8″ intake tube and intake filter, mounted in 3/4″ white PVC tubing and a Float Ball. They will be mounted inside
the drum.


1.) Place the Above-Drum Assembly on the Drum lid so the pump intake fitting is directly over the 3/4″ threaded hole, pull
through the nylon line from the control box through the pre-drilled hole in the lid. Align the 4 holes in the mounting plate with
the 4 holes drilled in the lid. With the bolts, washers and nuts provided attach the mounting plate to the lid, and tighten.

2.) Carefully turn over the lid and place the In-Drum Assembly tubing through the 3/4″ threaded hole, then thread the PVC fitting
into the hole. Attach the filter to the 3/8″ tubing enclosed in the PVC by firmly pressing until the fitting “clicks” into place. Tie the float ball to the nylon line so the bottom of the float ball lines up 1″
from the bottom of the filter when the line is pulled tight.

3.) Now turn the lid upright and place it on the drum so the In-Drum assembly is inside the drum. Connect the 3/8″ intake tubing
(Fig. 1) to the intake on the pump inserting it until it clicks. Then put the 1/4″ return tube (Fig. 2) into the pre-drilled hole in the


Initial setup

Once the nozzles are mounted, connect the unions with tubing ensuring good connections by pressing firmly until tubing “clicks” into place. A test for leaks and nozzle spray pattern can now be
conducted. Connect the 1/4″ tubing that will go to your nozzles to the 1/4″ output (Fig. 3) fill your reservoir about 50% with water only and plug in system. In the control box turn the Misting Time knob to its highest setting and then press the “Mist Now” button. Let pressure build and adjust it with the needle valve (Fig 4 ) to 170-195 PSI using the
liquid filled pressure gauge.Walk the Nozzle circuit checking for leaks,
and spray pattern. Adjust the pressure between 160 and 200 psi by turning the needle valve and watching the pressure
gauge. The higher the pressure the greater the distance the mist will be projected and the more solution used over time.
Adjust to suit. Note: PSI at or above 250 will cause the pump to go into bypass, nozzles will not spray.

Nozzle Flushing

Prior to turning off your system for an extended period of time, as in winterizing,
flush the system to prevent any residual misting solution from coagulating which clogs tubing and nozzles.. Ideally, your tank of misting
solution will be near empty allowing a 5 gallon bucket of fresh clean water to be placed inside the drum and the intake
filter placed in it. Push the MIST NOW button and turn the misting time to its maximum position.


Mosquito Control Equipment One Year Limited Warranty
Products covered: The following Mosquito Misting system products manufactured by Mosquito Control Equipment are
covered by this limited warranty: AMS-MM, AMS-MM+20, AMS-S1M, AMS-A, and AMS-D
How long is the warranty?: The warranty begins on the date of purchase and lasts for one year.
What is covered: This Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the
Warranty Period.
What is not covered
1) Filters. 2) Damage due to misuse, abuse, neglect, theft, vandalism, unauthorized repairs or attempted repairs, natural
disasters, acts of God or terrorism. 3) Damage in shipping to or from the manufacturer. 4) Shipping and packaging of a
system returned for a warranty claim. 5) Any special, indirect, exemplary, incidental or consequential damages arising
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allowed by applicable law.
How to make a Warranty claim
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