Barn Fly Misting

Fly Control Around Horse Barns and Stables
House and stable flies are common pests around barns, stables, and corrals. Persistent house flies are not only annoying, they are carriers of human and animal pathogens. Stable flies, on the other hand,  give painful bites making activities unpleasant for humans and making horses nervous and difficult to manage.

If you’re trying to limit fly populations in a barn, or have a fly population so pesky that you dread summer, an automatic fly-misting system will help control a variety of insects.

Misters provide a hands-off way to control flies, mosquitoes and other insects year around. Our easy to program analog clock allows up to 48 independent spray cycles and can be easily adjusted according to season or how your barn is used.

We have a variety of system options to fit your needs. From a smaller 20 gallon / 20 nozzle (max) unit to a larger 55 gallon (60 or 100 max nozzle) system. 


  • Considerations
    We recommend that you buy a protective cover for your system. Covers keep dust and other particles from getting into the drum. Foreign materials will clog the intake filter, effect flow rate to the nozzles, and require costly maintenance.
  • Winterizing is also important. The fluid in the pump and nozzles can freeze in cold climates and gum up in warmer areas. When the weather gets warmer, clean the system before trying to use it. Inspect your nozzles frequently and replace them as necessary.
  • The number of nozzles you need depends upon on the size of the area you’re trying to cover. When deciding where to put nozzles, consider where flies congregate in your barn. Standard placement is one nozzle over each stall, and then one at each end of the barn.
  • Avoid adding nozzles to the tack or feed room because of the remote possibility of tubing breaking and insecticide wetting feed or staining saddles.
  • Try to set up stalls so the mist isn’t directly over the hay corner/rack, water bucket or feed tub.
  • Consider putting the drum where you can easily access it for refilling and maintenance, some good choices are behind the feed-room or tack-room door, putting it out of the way yet  easy to get to.


Here is a simplified sketch of a small ten nozzle system:



Our most popular system for barn applications is the AMS-S1A, The AMS-S1A is a low cost alternative to the AMS-A or AMS-D that is an ideal turnkey solution for barn applications.

Automatic Misting

The AMS-S1 is a Low Cost System including the following:

  • 24Hr Battery backed up analog program clock
  • 1-100 second adjustable misting timer
  • Mist now push-button to initiate additional spray cycle
  • Float switch with automatic shutoff when empty
  • 1/2HP motor
  • 100 gallon/ hr, 250 psi pump can handle up to 70 nozzles
  • 0-300 psi pressure gauge
  • Needle valve to adjust pressure
  • 55 gallon UV protected poly drum

We also offer a Barn Package that includes everything you need to get started: Click Here To See Barn Package