Misting Concentrates and Repellents

Mosquito Control Equipment offers a wide variety of mosquito misting concentrates and repellents


The most popular misting concentrate we offer is Riptide. Riptide is a water-based Pyrethrin ULV. Pyrethrum insecticides are a natural solution to mosquito control due to their effectiveness, low toxicity to mammals, and biodegradability. What makes them even more attractive is the fact that no known insect population has become resistant to it, even after decades of use. Riptide is a “go to” for many of our clients to begin the season as it can bring mosquito populations under control quickly. Click the following link for more information: Riptide


Another popular misting concentrate is Sector. Sector is a synthetic version of Riptide yet every bit as powerful. Sector provides knockdown and control of mosquitoes as well as flies and other insects. Click for more: Sector 


Pyranha Bug Armor, formerly known as Pyranha 1-10PX,  uses the same active ingredient as Sector. Click for more: Pyranha Bug Armor

If you are looking for more natural solution to pests; you should consider Naprovit. Naprovit PRO Plus is one of THE most popular choices for automatic misting systems when more toxic alternatives cannot be used, this includes around sensitive plants, over water (for Boat Dock Spider Control purposes) and even indoors. Click for more: Naprovit


We also offer two repellents that can be used in automatic misting systems; Bug Armor Zero Bite and Mosquito Steve. Both replants use Geraniol which forms naturally in several aromatic plants and exhibits repellent properties. Both Zero Bite and Mosquito Steve are safe around children and pets. Click for more: Zero Bite, Mosquito Steve