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We offer Home Mosquito Control, Barn Fly and Boat Dock Misting Systems. Steinen and Hago full sized misting nozzles, Miniature nozzles,, Sector Misting Concentrate, Riptide MGK and Pyranha Bug Armor and much more. We have several different controller styles, pump sizes, nozzle types, and fitting grades to chose from. We also have a full complement of accessories and replacement parts to maintain your system for years to come

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Mosquito Control Equipment offers systems in two main sizes:

  • A 20 gallon system, capable of accommodating 20 nozzles (approximately 200 linear feet) for smaller yards and boat dock applications AMS-MM+20
  • A full sized 55 gallon system capable of accommodating 70 to 100 nozzles. Our full sized AMS systems come with a variety of options; including Analog or Digital Clocks and Remote Controls -  see our System page for details


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Our Stater Packs contain all the hardware necessary to complete your DIY instillation. We have Packages that contain 10, 25 or 40 Full size or Mini Nozzles. These packs also include all the adapters, fittings, tubing, and accessories necessary to make your yard mosquito free.

Misting Concentrates

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Mosquito Control Equipment offers a wide variety of mosquito misting concentrates and repellents. From Professional Installer go to's like Riptide MGK,  Sector and Pyranha Bug Armor to repellents like Mosquito Steve we have concentrates for all applications.