Timerco Digital Clock Programing

Setting the Clock:

  • Press and HOLD the CLOCK button then Press the DAY button until the correct day is displayed.
  • Press and HOLD the Clock button then Press the HOUR and MIN button(s) until the correct time is displayed.

Setting the Timer:

NOTE: Program Times do NOT affect Spray Duration (See Below) 

An On and Off time must be programmed for each Mist Cycle. 

  • Press the TIMER button once to enter programming.
  • Press the DAY button once. Option 1 defaults to Mon-Sun, 7 Days a week. (repeat pressing of Day button toggles through 15 clock program options if desired)
  • Use HOUR and MIN buttons to set Mist Cycle ON time. (Ex 7:00am)
  • Press the TIMER button again to toggle to OFF setting
  • Press the DAY button to match the same Day setting used for the ON time
  • Press the HOUR and MIN buttons to set corresponding OFF time one minute later than programmed ON time. (Ex 7:01am)
  • Repeat steps until all desired Mist cycles have been programed
  • Press the CLOCK button to exit Programing

Misting Time: can be set between 5 -180 sec by adjusting the knob to the right of the clock

Quick Guide

PRESS: Timer; Day; Hour (Ex 7:00am)

PRESS: Timer; Day; Hour; Minute (Ex 7:01am)

Digital clocks must be in an Auto status and the Power LED must be OFF to initiate spray cycles. The status indicator appears as a bar over a corresponding state printed on the clock face.